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Inspiring a Reading Culture!
Give a Book is a community project with the aim to promote continuous reading by sharing books with others. It only take a book to help and educate for a better society.
Inspiring a Reading Culture!

We read to know we are not alone...

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Mackenzie Blue (Friends Forever)

Forging a Forever Friendship

Majalah Doraemon

Ways to Health and Happiness

Civilizations World - The Human Adventure

Modern Guide to Health

Scientific American - The Birth of Molecular Electronics

National Geographic - Celebrations of Earth and Beyond

National Geographic - Sydney Olympic City

National Geographic - Orphan Gorillas, Fighting to Survive in the Wild

National Geographic - Wrath of the Gods

National Geographic - Great White

National Geographic - Libya, An Inside Look After 30 Years of Isolation

National Geographic - Biodiversity, The Fragile Web

National Geographic - Rana Tharu Nepal's Woman of Grace

The Flyaway Cottage and other stories

Baby Animals in the Forest

My Magic Encyclopedia

Insects at Your Fingertips

Space at Your Fingertips